When it comes to building your new home we believe you would like to know where your money is going. You also would be interested to know what stage your new home is at, for example when you have received planning approval or when your home has reached a new stage of the build.

At Integrity New Homes Adelaide South we are always trying to find new ways to communicate with our clients and want to give you a personalised experience from start to finish. We have various ways to communicate with you including a phone call, email, text message and even instant messaging like Facebook or even our newest chat feature directly on our website.

Our new chat feature makes it very easy to ask questions whether its big or small, we will respond. If you live in Adelaide or you are thinking about building a house in Adelaide please don’t be shy and say hello on our chat, you may even see the chat on our site reading this. What are you waiting for?  Start your new home journey today!