We live in a world of technology, which is essential in our day to day lives, we work long hours and struggle to fit everything into our 24 hour day (remember to sleep).
Having the ability to search the internet and programme your device to remind you of what's next can be life-changing; ever forgotten to remind yourself of a birthday or business event? The moment you remember it might be too late, and you begin to rush around frantically, which is extremely stressful.

The solution may be to hire yourself a personal assistant, or you could use your device (smartphone, tablet or computer), a far more cost-effective solution, not to mention you can take it anywhere.
Using your personal assistance in your pocket is great, but if you can take it anywhere, why is this article relevant to your home or newly built home?
We need to take it one step further and create your smart home. So, a smart home will help your day to day, for example, being able to control your lights from your device or control your air conditioning.
Imagine this, on a peak summer day in Adelaide, can exceed 40 degrees celsius, and you have a smart home. You programme your home to have the airconditioning on, maybe 20 - 30 mins before you walk through the door and when you do, you are hit with a cool breeze instead of a hot desert storm.
You can see how this can benefit you and maximise your day, so what are your smart home options?
You can use a retrofit solution like Philips Hue if you have an existing home, or Clipsal Iconic built right into your new home. We have made Clipsal Iconic standard within our Designer Inclusions.