The very start of the building process is buying a block of land. The block may look flat or not; however, you will always need to get a soil inspection report. In this article, I will explain the importance of this report and why you should be requesting one once you have put a deposit on the land.

The first benefit of getting a geotechnical report is to check for how reactive the soil is or movement in the earth. Reactive soil doesn't mean the soil is contaminated, but the way it changes to moisture levels. Determining the way the ground reacts is essential in designing your foundations to any potential changes, especially when you providing a Lifetime Structural Warranty*.

The next benefit is determining how compact the soil is, which is vital before starting any work on your new block of land. If your soil is not dense, it may be problematic to your new home foundations; the soil may be more likely to move and will need to be factored into the engineering design.

Geotechnical reports are crucial for council submission and will be required to get council approval or DA Approval. When you buy a block of land, you will need to get a soil report eventually, but we understand getting this done will cost money and can be quite daunting. 

Why would you want to do a soil sample report as soon as you can? Having a soil sample report early on will mean you can get accurate pricing with your new home build, especially the foundations. You need these reports if you are working towards your HIA Fixed Price Contract, the contracts we use at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South. 

There is more to explain as far as foundations and design is concerned, but we will save that for another day, the building process requires thorough which is why we are here to help and build a transparent relationship.

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- By Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.