Building a new home is exciting, but we need to make sure you pick the right inclusions to keep you and your family, however big or small, happy; this is an excellent addition to your new home, this article will explain how your new home will be more comfortable. 

There is little work involved when it comes to extracting air outside, which will give you peace of mind in your new home.

How does this change benefit you, well first let me tell you why exhaust fans in your home make life more comfortable:

Reason #1: The rooms you choose to put the fan it will be significantly less smelly, especially a bathroom, for example, extracting the contaminated air through the roof and away from you is a great benefit.

Reason #2: Ever gotten out of the shower and wanted to do your hair in the mirror but have to wait for the steam to fade, with an extracted ceiling fan will minimise your frustration and take that steam away, preferably outside.

Reason #3: When you invest in a new home, you want it to look great for years to come, but having horrible mould on the ceiling is not pleasant. Extracting moisture out of the room will resist mould from growing on your lovely new Gyprock Core Plus (a new standard from Integrity New Homes).

Now we know the benefits of having a fan installed, we can take it one step further and protect the structural integrity. Extracting into the roof can cause many problems for your new home, imagine all that moisture trapped in your roof space year after year, not knowing its damaging your property.

Solving this issue is simple, extract the moisture outside and away from your newly built home.

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