The past two years have been something you may not have believed if we told you it would happen in 2019. The housing market boomed, the value of homes skyrocketed and a record number of new homes were built across Australia.

What we are seeing now is a shift back to a more stabilised and normal housing market. With this shift, come new opportunities.

What won't change is the approach people have taken in how they select their new home builders. We have seen a rise in intensity and scrutiny when it comes to choosing a home builder as people look to ensure they receive value for money from their investment.

We think this approach is fantastic as we believe it highlights the things that we love about our business and why it is beneficial to build with INH Toowoomba.

A few of the key factors of why it is beneficial to build with INH Toowoomba are:

A local builder who understands Toowoomba and the needs of the people who live here.
A builder with national buying power, reducing the cost of your build.
A builder with high-quality inclusions at affordable costs.
A builder with a large range of plans that are ready to build.

What is national buying power?

As a local builder who has joined the INH franchise, there are lots that help us build beautiful homes for people.

The one that we think affects our clients the most is that because we are part of a group of national builders, when we make purchases, we receive discounts in price that we can pass on to our clients.

When you build with INH Toowoomba, you get a builder who cares and can give you the attention you deserve, coupled with a buying power not seen with most local builders.

This same application applies to the inclusions you receive in your new home. We have agreements with some of Australia's largest brands and can offer fantastic products are reduced prices.

Not only is the price an appealing contributor, but when dealing with these amazing suppliers, we also get quality assurance and warranties if something goes wrong.

When it comes to fitting out your new home with products, our inclusions are filled with some of Australia's top brands. It is due to our national buying power that we can not only get products for cheaper but work with top-tier Australian businesses in providing these products.

Our national buying power and national supplier agreements are just two of many reasons why building with us produces fantastic results and happy clients.

At INH Toowoomba our preference is to create beautiful custom-built homes. We love working with clients who want a unique, one-of-a-kind home.

Yet for some clients, especially those working with a tight budget, the custom-built home may not be budget appropriate.

Luckily, we get the best of both worlds and can offer clients to build from our standard design range.

This range of ready-to-build homes is fantastic, beautiful and beneficial for anyone wanting to fast-track their home build.
These homes are beautiful and come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and functions.

We believe our standard designs are a fantastic option for those looking to speed up the process and reduce the cost of their home.

Not only are these homes fantastic as they are, but they are also customisable. If you want to make any changes to a standard design, it can be done. This is great for reducing size, changes to plans or reducing elements to help ease costs.

Click here to view our standard design range.

Are you thinking of building in the Toowoomba area? We would love for you to reach out so we can start the conversation to get to know your needs and budget and see how we can provide you with the best when it comes to your new home build.

Click here to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.