Toowoomba is a difficult city to surpass with its art, cuisine, and natural beauty. For home renovations, spring and summer are the best seasons. Integrity New Homes Toowoomba offers advice for summarising a single room or the entire house. Here are six of our favourite quick-fix suggestions...

1.     Bring the outdoors into your home.
This summer, adding a plant can spruce up your home. Plants bring nature into the interior of any home. Plants are attractive and can be used as decoration, but they also provide health benefits.
According to research, indoor plants improve air quality, increase productivity, and reduce stress. Plants, flowers, and branches give any room colour, texture, and beauty.
From succulents to potted trees, everyone can find a suitable plant. Before making a decision, consider your living space. Before making a purchase, consider the care requirements of each plant variety. Place them strategically so that they become a decorative element while also providing oxygen.
Adding artificial vegetation brings life to any space without requiring maintenance or upkeep. Some artificial plants appear lifelike.

2.     Use neutral, fresh hues
Rapidly energise space with vibrant hues. Colourful hues add personality to drab environments.
What hues motivate you?
Additionally, linen and white neutrals can brighten your space. Whites and linens are timeless and make spaces look beautiful.
Choose a few accent pieces if you enjoy colour but are unsure which to choose. The addition of throw pillows, rugs, artwork, and window treatments can transform a space. Try complementary paint tones and changing the wall colour if you are feeling adventurous. For a softer look, try pastels in muted tones.

3.     Include Stripes for visual appeal
Stripes add depth and texture to a space without overwhelming it with patterns and colours. Any room is brightened by striped pillows, rugs, curtains, and wall coverings. Combining vertical and horizontal stripes adds visual depth and visual interest to a space.

4.     Invest in textured accessories and materials.
With all the Christmas sales at the end of November and the beginning of December, summer is an ideal time to spruce up your home with new decorations. Textiles are an easy way to update the appearance of a room. Choose summery pillows and blankets for the living room or bathroom. Candles, earthenware vessels, or platters displaying your shell collection or latest hobby can add personality and depth to various rooms in your home.

5.     Wash windows
Taking care of the windows is one of the simplest ways to make a home appear more attractive and spacious. Window washing is a necessity!
Remove any window coverings or hardware that could impede a thorough cleaning. Do not overlook the screens! Clean filters enhance airflow and air intake. Occasionally, this requires removing them and scrubbing them with a hose and broom on the concrete; if they are not too dusty, a wet cloth will suffice. Before cleaning draperies or blinds, consult the care instructions.

6.     Refresh your patio and garden.
Prepare your outdoor space for summertime entertaining and activities. Pressure washing the floor and walls will brighten and clean the area. Painting one of the walls or posts could make a significant difference if you're handy.
Bright pillows and fairy lights can transform a drab area of your patio or backyard. For outdoor dining or seating, illuminate a vase with fairy lights. Invest in a timer to avoid having to remember it. It will look great and make every evening feel festive.

In the summer, combine styles and hues. Create a space that reflects your individuality and brings you joy. These tips will help your home look its best this summer, regardless of whether you make minor adjustments or undertake a major renovation. Now that we've covered the six most important summer decorating tips, it's time to get started.