Detached homes have overtaken multi-unit developments as the driver of the housing recovery in Queensland according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Warwick Temby HIA's Executive Director for Queensland said" "the home building recovery in Queensland began with a surge in multi-unit approvals.

"But the ABS figures for the December quarter 2014 show that detached homes are now the growth area.

"Detached home approvals are up 14% in the year to the December quarter 2014 while multi-unit approvals have fallen by 26%.

"The important home renovation market is also showing signs of improvement with 8% growth in approvals. This part of the home building market has been sluggish for several years," he said.

"There remain strong regional differences in the home building recovery: it is still centred on the South East of the State.

"In Brisbane detached home approvals are up 30% and more than 50% of the Gold Coast while the SUnshine Coast is up 43%," Mr Temby said.

The HIA is projecting 40,000 new homes will be started in Queensland in 2015.