Sometimes knowing how the building process works can be confusing and unnerving. So let's make it black and white and let you know exactly how we roll:


It starts with your initial phone call to 1300 886 793 (or email to where you reach out and let us know your idea for your renovation or custom build. From there we will send you out our New Client Questionnaire, where you can go into further detail about your project and what you wish to achieve. 


Once we know the brief (custom build or renovation), we then like to book a face to face consultation on site to go over everything in more detail and to ensure we understand every aspect. This is where we can go into further detail about your block or house and discuss all possible scenarios, issues and solutions. 


You can come to us with your own renovation or custom build plans; or if you don't have that quite nutted out, we can help guide you through the process of creating plans to meet your specific requirements, your particular site/home and ensure cost effectiveness. If you are looking at building new, we can help you choose a particular house via our design range and help pinpoint exactly what will work best for you.


When your plans and approximate budget have been established, we can initiate services as required to provide us when a more accurate costing on these works. These service can include site surveys, architectural/drafting, engineering, and general council requirements for your renovation or custom build.


Once the brief has been confirmed and budget of all unknowns have been confirmed, we will get working on a detailed and itemized sales estimate for you to review. 


Plain English Housing Industry Association contracts are generally used and include a detailed specification, plans, reports, building licence and insurance certificate of currency for your renovation or custom build.


All colour selections are finalised in writing and in detail to bring your project to life and to make it clear what the finished product will look like. Our sales consultant Amy, is always happy to help with those hard decisions and provide samples to make the process easier. 


To ensure we abide by our Integrity Edge Quality Assurance Program (where applicable), we will ensure to have a dedicated project manager to keep you informed and the building work progress fortnightly for your renovation or custom build.


All clients are provided with comprehensive home owner's manual complete with approved plans (where applicable) and supplier warranty information for your renovation or custom build.


 A commitment to positive outcomes continues through into the maintenance period for your renovation or custom build.