The Toowoomba region is located on top of a beautiful range, which means there are many sites that are elevated and steep. So instead of shying away from a challenging site, why not make the most of the views and land by building a customised house that fits like a glove.

Building a home should be a positive and enjoyable experience, even with the challenges of building on a steep site. What clients need with a build like this is great communication and transparency of costs.

Clear communication and transparency from the beginning is the key to a smooth building journey with steep sites. The last thing you want is to be lumped with a huge range of unexpected costs. All our site analysis and engineering are done upfront to ensure the fixed price we give you is accurate. Therefore, we scope out everything in advance before giving you the fixed contract price. Unlike other builders in the area, we commission structural, contours, and geo-tech, to fully analyse all aspects of your site before signing, which means you don’t get slugged with huge variations after the fact, that blow your budget.

We have many existing designs to fit sloping sites, but if you have an idea in mind, we can work with your sketch to ensure it fits your site perfectly.

Check out some of our designs below: