One of our recent clients, Emma, is starting to make her mark around Toowoomba for not only renovating and flipping homes, which have all achieved street records when sold, but has also become quite the stylist around town, styling multiple homes ready for sale for NGU Real-estate, as well as for new businesses. She has also completed the "Three Birds Renovating" course and features regularly in their social media for her amazing work. So we decided to ask her some questions to get her advice for those looking at renovating themselves.


Firstly Em, you recently had James complete a renovation for you, which just sold for a street record in East Toowoomba, how did you find working with him?

"James is really easy going, very patient and was a pleasure to work with".


Can you tell us a bit about you're renovating and styling experience?

"I have renovated 3 houses now and each have been from different era's, the last one was 100 years old! Styling wise; I have always loved doing it since I was a kid. I remember always always moving my bedroom furniture around and loved changing it up. Making your home feel like a sanctuary is what I love. One of my favourite parts of flipping is styling the home for sale at the end."



What made you decide to start doing property development?

"I love watching renovating shoes, buying all the house magazines monthly and creating beautiful spaces. Flipping houses was the perfect blend of combining a passion with a job, getting paid to create something you love doing is the best.


What do you love about renovating/styling?

"The way you can change a house to make it more modern and useable, seeing the before and after's is very rewarding".


What's your biggest tips for others looking at renovating/investing?

"Do your research. Connect with a good real estate agent. For renovations, start with a mood board and work from there."


What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt along the way?

"Always get more than one quote, you can save a lot of money that way."


What trends are you seeing come through?

"Rendered surfaces, natural materials like stone and timber, arches and curves."


What's next for you?

"Our own home is getting a refresh and extension"


We love our clients and their builds/renovations and victories feel like ours. Look forward to featuring more in the future.