Being a builder in 2021 has experience. Our industry can be described as a "Roller Coaster" and let me explain why.

It was exciting when it exploded with government initiatives, you got those little butterflies of "ohh this is it, we are about to take off", but then next minute, it becomes quite scary when it sharply turns a corner with the global supply chain shortages, which has impacted many factors of our builds (it's at this point of the roller coaster you scream "ohhh sh*t what am I doing?). Then the price hikes but you suddenly drop and go upside down with worry (maybe feel like spewing) you aren't sure what to quote anymore, because it could change direction at any moment (but that direction was up and what goes up must come down). So we all hold on for dear life hoping that this bloody roller coaster ride ends soon.

On a serious note, with shortages, to extreme price hikes (wood and steel going up by 100%), this has resulted in major delays completely out of the builders control but it those builders who hold the worlds issues on their shoulders, trying to cushion the burden for clients, who they know will be disappointed or possibly angry with price changes and delays.Its made it hard to make plans or promises and for the first time builders have started to incorporate "rise and fall" provisions in contracts due to these unpredictable times.

So if you are working with a builder, just know they are trying their best to make you happy. Also remember, they are only human and can't make materials materialize out from thin air and can't control the price hikes (its a pain in the bum for them too).

Lets hope we all get to jump of this roller coaster soon.