Clients frequently contact Integrity New Homes Toowoomba to inquire about building design. We take great pride in showcasing our beautiful building designs through our nationally published magazine, where we unveil a new standard design each month. However, what truly excites us is catering to our client's individual requirements.

These unique specifications allow us to create stunning custom homes. To accomplish this, we maintain a dedicated team of full-time building designers who assist our builders and their clients. Our primary focus revolves around crafting distinctive custom designs tailored specifically to each client.

It is essential to mention that occasionally, we encounter some challenges when clients present us with their builder's plans. It's important to clarify that clients might have misconceptions regarding copyright issues if we make minor adjustments to these plans.

At Integrity New Homes, we highly value our intellectual property and copyright, showing the utmost respect for other builders' and building designers' copyrights. Therefore, I want to emphasize that when clients bring their designs to us, we acknowledge their appeal but commit to developing a unique design that aligns with their specific requirements.

Our clients often provide us with their own sketches, representing their envisioned living space. From these initial concepts, we craft an exclusive design tailored to their preferences. It's essential to grasp that customization lies at the core of Integrity New Homes. In fact, the majority of our business comprises one-of-a-kind custom designs, a fact that we take great pride in.