Building a new home can be a daunting prospect, however choosing a house and land package can make the process as simple and smooth as building a house can be.

There are a number of benefits in choosing a house and land package. Firstly, the house has already been carefully chosen for that particular block. It was thoughtfully considered in regards to capturing views, sun positioning, boundaries and the lay of the land. It also gives you an insight into how the house will fit on your chosen block, allowing you to make any changes. Packages and prices are generally inclusive of our standard range, although we understand that you might have a particular style so are happy to accommodate any variations in colours, fixtures and finishes to suit your needs.

Another benefit is that if the land is registered and ready to go, the price is usually fixed (exceptions may be excavation works, piering etc.). However, if the land is still yet to registered, there are some items that may effect the price. We all love the Toowoomba red soil (especially white clothes), and in some areas the Toowoomba soil is quite reactive, so your block will require soil testing as well as some other crucial checks including contour survey, wind rating, bushfire report etc. All of these will have an impact on your price however, we strive to ensure to communicate and explain these prior.

Let's also mention the added bonus of only having two contracts. One for the purchase of the land and one for the build, so the advantage is that you'll only have to pay stamp duty on the land. If you were buying an established house, you would have to pay stamp duty on the total cost. WINNING!


1) Purchase Land:

The land is purchased under a separate contract with a real estate agent. You will pay a deposit in exchange for the land and pay the remainder upon settlement.

2) House Contract:

A building contract is established and issued. Once signed, a contract preliminary services fee is required to proceed to building approvals, colour selections, fittings and finishes.

3) Commence Build:

Once construction of your home commences, you are required to pay progress payments at each milestone of the build. When construction is complete, the keys to your new home are handed over, ready for you to enjoy for years to come!

Toowoomba is booming with estates going up left, right and centre and maybe a house and land package is the right option for you but if you'd like to know more, please reach out on 1300 886 793.