2020 -  A turbulent, testing and challenging year for millions around the world. It was a year that was full of uncertainty, worry and stress but in the midst of all of that, it was also a year where families got to spend more time together, got to be more present and where priorities were reestablished. 

For us, personally, it was a tough one (like many others).

However, you can always find some positives out of any situation, these are ours;

  • We launched Integrity New Homes Toowoomba with zero regrets. Has it been tough? YES, Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 
  • We recently signed our first contract, with a few more hoping to be signed before the 31st of December.
  • We've learnt ALOT about ourselves personally and in business from diving in the deep end
  • We have an amazing support network professionally and personally...we cant thank them enough
  • We spent more time with our kids and;
  • More than ever, we are determined to smash bigger goals next year from the things we learnt this year.


So with 2020 coming to a close (thank goodness), we would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us within business and personally, without the support from the village that surrounds us, it would have been that much harder. We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope that 2021 brings you joy and prosperity!

Keep an eye out for all of our 2021 projects! It's set to be an exciting year!