'I've heard about a guy that had a franchise business and it didn't work out, why should I get one?'

A building business is an excellent way to achieve the profit and lifestyle outcomes that you seek for yourself and your family. But every business has its risks and sometimes things don't go as planned.

A franchise business system should be considered as a business tool too help you succeed, nothing more, nothing less.

'So if its a tool to help me what does it do'?

An Integrity New Homes Northern Beaches franchise will give you immediate access to the marketing, buying rates and job management systems of a major national builder from day one and the unlimited training and business coaching direction of a recognized new home builder Glenn Leet.

 Access to business tools like this would take you hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and implement yourself but for three thousand dollars per month you can have immediate access to all this and pay for it with savings on building materials purchases.