With Regulations changing regulary,  the process can vary between regions across Australia, but generally the following Steps need to happen to get your New Home build underway. 

1. Identify the home site you are hoping to buy and contact our team 

Integrity New Homes Perth can come to your site and give you an idea of what home design will work on your site.  We can also check to see if there could be potential issues or costs associated with it that will hurt the budget down the track. 

2. Purchase the parcel of land and ask for a Preliminary Estimate. 

A preliminary estimate provides you with details of costs and inclusions. It is also a very important part of the process as it helps you determine the best house design to suit your block and lists various inclusions that are part of the estimate, so you can start to tally up your costs. 

3. Home Design Order Form

You have recieved a preliminary estimate. Next step in the process is to pay a preliminary services fee to INH. This is used to order a soil test, contour survey and send the design to the Building Design team to design the home that works exactly on your particular site, with your particular requirements. The soil test and contour survey remain your property once you have paid the full Preliminary Servies Fee. 

4. Finalise the Home Design

Our Building Designers will work on the plans for you.  These happen in rounds. Usually it takes at least two rounds to get it right for you. If you have started with a sketch,  it could take up to 5 rounds to get the design right. Depending on the complexity of the design,  you may need to pay additional costs.  You and the Sales Consultant will work through this transaction. The final price on the design is determined after the soil test and contour survey are received.  The price will then form the basis of your Integrity New Homes Building Contract.

5. Preparing the Contract 

Integrity New Homes will prepare the contract for you. You usually pay a 5% deposit at this time.  After the signing of the contract there is a time where everything seems to go into slow motion as the build is lodged to council.

6. Council Building Approval 

The time it takes in council to get a DA Approval is hard to know exactly.  It usually depends on the administration at the local council and how many caveats and limitations they put onto the development, and requirements they demand on the site, or area. When it is  eventually approved by council, it is all systems go...The purchase orders are sent out to the suppliers, and the various trade contractors are finalised and scheduled. 

7. Construction Commencement 

Commencement on site will commence in accordance with the individual building contract, and occur once final written finance approveal has been obtained along with the proof of land title, land registration and site possession. 

8. The Completion of Construction and Handover of your NEW HOME!

It takes anywhere between 3 - 12 months to complete a new home.  This depends on the style and size of the home and the complexity of construction. Your sales consultant will be able to give you the finer details of this. After completion, and over the first three months or so,  any maintenance issues are addressed. 

We know that you will LOVE your new Integrity Home!

Whether you chose from our extensive design range or created a custom designed version,  your home becomes a reflection of who you are.  At Integrity New Homes, we understand that everyone is different and has various wants and needs,  which is why most of our designs, even in our standard range, can be custom designed to suit each family and individual. 

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