At INH New England, our mission is to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients' new home building projects while considering their allocated budget. We are driven by a passion for constructing beautiful homes that fulfill dreams while ensuring that different budget constraints are considered. Our commitment is to create homes that people never want to leave, and we firmly believe that achieving this can be done even with a realistic budget.

One of the primary challenges we encounter in our line of work is when clients involve us in the process at a later stage, rather than sooner. While we appreciate being included at any point, this delay can lead to disappointments and issues in the project's later stages. Clients may have already finalized designs, chosen plots of land, and made various decisions without having an accurate quote for their dream home. Consequently, there can be unfair expectations that cannot be met due to the budget constraints, potentially resulting in the dream home becoming unaffordable.

To achieve the ideal scenario for our clients, we strongly encourage engaging us early in the process, preferably before the plans have been finalized. By involving us at an earlier stage, we can provide a more accurate assessment of the total cost of your new home. Our expertise in budgeting and construction allows us to guide you on how to build your dream home within your allocated budget. The sooner we become involved, the better the chances of aligning your vision with the budget, minimizing the likelihood of disappointment and the possibility of abandoning the project altogether. We are genuinely passionate about building beautiful homes, and early involvement in the process ensures the best outcome for all parties involved.

If you are considering building your dream home, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to initiate the process of obtaining an estimate. Our goal is to avoid disappointment, and by connecting with us early on, we can work together to create the home you desire within the budget you have allocated. Engaging your builder early is crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful project that brings your dream home to life. Let us collaborate and make your dream a reality!