New England NSW haven't been sparred from the market boom with new home builds. It has been great for the region and a challenge for builders like us who have had to navigate rising trades, supply and land costs.

As the cost of land increase, it is natural to see where costs can be reduced. For those who want to live close to the CBD of Tamworth, Inverell and other towns, you will see the trend of smaller block sizes creep into the market.
This may deter some, but with the right home design can be a cunning financial move to reduce costs without reducing your lifestyle.

Integrity New Homes New England looks to maximise smaller blocks of land with intuitive and intelligent building design. There are multiple ways to create large feeling and functional spaces on a narrow block of land.

We even have home designs that can cater for blocks of land that require less than a 10m in width design. These designs may also be attractive for investors or landowners looking to subdivide and capitalise on what they have previously invested in.

One simple way of maximising your thin block of land is to build up. Two-storey homes on narrow blocks allow for more space, more living and the ability to create spaces of intimacy and entertainment cohesively.

Integrity New Homes New England has several designs that accommodate for smaller blocks that ensure beautiful aesthetic and comfort through the best use of every square metre of the built-up area. We ensure this by designing floor plans that efficiently align liveable rooms and minimise the space used for hallways and maximise livability.

Looking to maximise your narrow block of land? Integrity New Homes New England have you covered. Our designs help homeowners stay modern with respect to comfort and style while reaping huge returns on their investment. Moreover, we offer a wide array of custom design options, so that you can create a home that best suits your needs and comfort. We are the best when it comes to building small homes with maximum functionality and style.

Call us to start the conversation about building your new home. Integrity New Homes New England is your custom home specialist in Tamworth, Inverell and the surrounds.