House and Land packages are simply one of many options when considering buying a new home. 

Essentially the work has been done for you.

We have found you a block of land and we have chosen a home design for it. We've priced the house build with our regular standard inclusions and added in some extras, often the packages are 'turn key' and what that means is that the pricing reflects that you will have a ready to move into home, once it is built.

Our Turn Key house and land packages include things like;  floor coverings, driveways, TV antennas, a mail box and house numbers, a washing line, water tank or septic tank (on rural blocks). 

There is no point in giving you a house and land package that looks cheap but you still have $20k worth of items to further install once we hand the home over to you. (it happens) 

Sometimes we upgrade items such as: stone bechtops, kitchen appliance package, vanities, floor coverings etc.

When you enquire about a house and land package that we have advertised (or any estimate for that matter) - We detail out exactly what you are buying. We then welcome questions from you. We can add to the package or we can take away.

All our house and land packages can be customised to suit you and your needs and your budget.


We have a huge range of layouts and designs to chose from when we start to consider what house designs will suit the blocks. We carefully consider what design will work on the block of land. 

Do we have a design that you love, that is not currently listed as a house and land package?

We can absolutely price it for you. 

Any of the designs listed on our website can be priced with any block, simply give us a call.  We will likely look at the block with you to ensure that the design is compatable with the block you have chosen. 

If you have any questions around building your new home, let us know and we would love to help you.