Summer brings an air of camaraderie and pleasantness to homes. Yet, the bathroom tends to be forgotten when redecorating or renovating for the summer season. The bathroom is an area of the home we consistently spend time in so we have taken the time to share some helpful tips on how you can maximise your bathroom area for the summer season.

1. Add a splash of nature

A small potted plant that grows indoors will add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by giving a more natural feel. Not only do plants refresh the inside air overnight and fill the room with fresh clean air by the time you enter again next morning, plants will give a splash of colour to an area traditionally monotone. Creating a space that is more hygienic and healthy whilst adding colour and vibrancy is a healthy combo.  Check out the 5 best houseplants available now.

2. Add a pop of colour

You could also turn your bathroom into a piece of art. It can be as daring as adding a feature wall of colour or as minimal as hanging a well themed piece of art. Why not! Along with cleaning your body, you can also refresh and rejuvenate your mind while spending time inside your bathroom.

3. Themed Accessories in the bathroom  

Is it time to update those old and used bathroom accessories? With plenty of styles to choose from we recommend a couple of options.

Wooden bathroom accessories bring nature back into the bathroom and (with the addition to the above mentioned plant) continues a theme of bringing nature to your bathroom.

Or you could venture towards setting a colour theme that connects with the colours of your home, creating a symmetry between your bathroom and the rest of your home.

Families with young kids sometimes decorate a bathroom by creating a fun theme with colourful bathroom accessories.
With lots of options to choose from one thing is for sure. Updating your bathroom accessories with intention increases the look and feel of your bathroom.

4. Change the bulbs

For more than a century bathrooms have been covered in that yellow light from traditional lights. But nowadays folks are realising that warm white light is more suitable for bathrooms as they provide more natural looking light. As a result many are shifting to LED light bulbs. These bulbs not only reduce energy costs but also last longer. Those who have space in the bathroom can add an extra light source like a lamp which makes the interior even more attractive. Check out beautiful warm LED globes at Bunnings.

Apart from small changes that alter the mood and feel of your home, bathroom renovations increase the property value of your home by a good margin. For a prospective buyer or renter, how you maintain your bathroom is a good indicator of the overall maintenance and quality of the household. Moreover, if your family is growing and if your kids are growing up, it is important to transition your bathroom by increasing storage space and utilising available space. Bathroom renovations also allow for the opportunity to look at ways to create a greener, more energy efficient home.

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