When you are building a home for you and your family to live in there are always many requirements that will make that home "yours"!

Most people live in a house, but it is the people that live there that make it truly a HOME.

Integrity New Homes offers custom design which gives the  incredible advantage of an architecturally built, amazing home,  to people without the price tag that an architect would add; ie: you receive the home with the unique features and interesting additions without that unwanted price tag!  Winning!

Remember though, when custom designing and custom building your new home, that it doesn't fit into the cookie cutter builder category. 

When a custom design builder builds your new home, to your custom requirements, it takes a bit of time to work through the variations and special features  that come from doing such a transaction, and building such a unique home. but  the end result is a HOME that you love to come home to.