Did you know that Building is one of the incredible industries in the world where the product is HAND MADE!  Yes,  man made, on site,  bit by bit, block by block.  Integrity New Homes Cairns understands that each and every house is going to be someone's HOME that they love to come home to,  a place to dwell with their loved ones, a place to bring friends, and live a lifestyle of their choice. 

This is one of our hand made home under construction. 

We love what we do, and we love the product we build. 

We understand that building you a home is not just something to take lightly.  We are honoured to be the most highly rated builder in Cairns and the region around.

We build quality homes,  for quality people. Our motto is to Meet and Exceed the expectations of our clients.  We do this every day. 

If you have been considering building, why not check out our huge design library here,  or download our free ebook to start planning your new home.

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