Its an exciting year for Caesarstone and their supporters such as INH Group.

This year will see Caesarstone embark on one of their biggest releases in many years and they are planning to increase the Caesarstone range by another 8 colours, making Caesarstone one of the largest engineered stone colour ranges on the market.

At our new Display Home which is located at 34 Stanley Drive, Whitsunday Acres, Cannon Valley, we installed a new style, called "Raw Concrete". We used 30mm on the kitchen bench tops and 12mm as the splashback. Looks very impressive.

At the Display Home we carry samples of the original range, and we are certainly looking forward to the new releases which we will have on hand at the Display Home in the near future.

Being market leader allows Caesarstone to keep ahead of the market and bring in new and exciting colours and trends to the market.

Visit their website at: