Geotechnical reports play a crucial role in the standard practice of Integrity New Homes. These reports form an integral part of our initial assessment process, along with drawings, costing, and other reports, when working with clients.

Unfortunately, there are builders who choose not to invest in a geotechnical report for the land they have purchased or are considering purchasing. However, this approach can be detrimental.

At Integrity New Homes, we prioritize conducting geotechnical reports every time due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our clients. These reports provide valuable insights into the ground conditions. When constructing a new home, understanding what lies beneath the surface is vital for ensuring the long-term stability and performance of the foundation, as well as controlling construction costs.

Opting for a fixed-price contract with a builder can offer cost certainty. However, if the builder proceeds without a geotechnical report, it becomes a gamble.

A builder who overlooks a geotechnical report may face unforeseen costs ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 when it comes time to build. No homeowner wants to face such a significant increase in their new home's expenses.

Such a situation places both the homeowner and the builder in a difficult position.

For instance, in a recent completed geotechnical report, we discovered a P classification, indicating the presence of approximately 500 millimeters to 3200 millimeters of fill on the site.

This finding revealed three meters of fill that the homeowner was unaware of.

Imagine if builders arrived at the site only to encounter this unexpected three-meter fill.

Standard foundations cannot support a home built on such a substantial amount of fill. Addressing this issue would significantly increase the construction costs, as concrete or steel screw piers would need to be utilized for adequate support.

Having access to this crucial information from the outset is vital for accurately estimating the cost of your new home, allowing the builder to construct it properly.

A geotechnical report represents an essential component of the initial planning phase for any new home project. When you choose to build with Integrity New Homes, you can rest assured that we will conduct this report, eliminating the risk of surprise expenses during the construction process.