Every day, clients reach out to Integrity New Homes Ballarat with inquiries about building designs. We take great pride in showcasing our stunning building designs, which are prominently featured in our nationally distributed magazine. Additionally, we consistently introduce new standard designs on a monthly basis. While these designs are remarkable, we place a special emphasis on catering to our client's distinctive requirements.

These unique specifications play a pivotal role in our ability to create exceptional custom homes. To ensure we meet these needs, we have a dedicated team of full-time building designers who work closely with our builders and clients. This collaborative approach allows us to focus on crafting distinctive custom designs for each client.

It's important to note that occasionally, when clients present us with the plans of another builder, there may be some confusion or misconceptions. Our clients may assume that making minor modifications to those plans will not raise any copyright concerns. However, at Integrity New Homes, we deeply value intellectual property and respect the copyrights of other builders and designers. Therefore, when clients bring their designs to us, we express appreciation for their ideas and then proceed to create a unique design tailored specifically to their requirements.

Our clients often contribute their own concepts by sketching their vision for their ideal living space. Subsequently, we transform their thoughts into a distinctive design that serves their purposes. It is worth noting that Integrity New Homes has a strong focus on custom designs, with the majority of our business revolving around unique and personalized projects. We take great pride in this aspect of our work and are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.