Ever Dreamed of escaping the rat race or just want somewhere the kids can run around, ride their bikes, kick a footy become the next Don Bradman or Steve Smith then acreage might just be the answer for you.

There are a lot of benefits to building a new house on acreage and once people make the tree change most never go back to the city life.

 With the ever-increasing costs of land in suburbia, adding 5 to 10 minutes to your travel time can leave you with more money in your pocket to spend on your build.

 Land out of town including acreage is generally cheaper than its suburban brother, you are also less likely to be governed by design requirements for example what fencing you must have or what the facade must look like even down to the colour of your roof.

Acreage gives more freedom for you to be you and with that comes fresh air wide open spaces fantastic views, no traffic noise or street lights.

Most small towns have a great sense of community a local shop post office sporting clubs and that country feel where everyone knows everyone (just like on the movies)

Its also a great opportunity for home grown food whether its chickens for eggs a vegie patch for fresh fruit and veg its all possible with acreage.

You can have room for boats, trailers or even a pony the list goes on only limited by your imagination. Another plus side to living on acreage is with the constantly expanding city limits your property will most definitely increase in value.

 With all that room on your new block of land not just any old house design will cut it that’s why the team at Integrity New Homes have a specialty designed group of homes (under “acreage” in our design tab) to suit the country life.

Ballarat’s surrounding areas like Smythesdale, Scarsdale, Ross creek, Smythes Creek are only minutes to DTC, Buninyong, Scotsburn, Napoleons minutes from Sebastopol and Mt Clear these are just a few of Ballarat’s surrounding areas but are all a perfect place to call home

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