Having a roof over your head is great, however having the right stormwater designed for your new home will take away that heavy rainfall into the drains and away from your new home.

Your home's foundations sit on the ground, which is why we do a soil test before designing your foundations, we want to get it right. So, because your foundations are contingent on the soil, we need to protect the earth from various impacts, by draining away the water and retaining the surrounds to prevent your home from falling away from its current position.

What can we do to prevent damaging your foundations? Well, we need to design your stormwater system, with the right amount of downpipes, correct pipe sizing and the layout of the stormwater system. Every home is different, with many factors to take into account, so do it right.

How do we design all of this? We use our system to calculate the rainfall, amount of downpipes, and sizes to suit your new home. We will strictly follow the guidelines to make sure your new home stays that way.

Another good reason to have a sound stormwater system is overflowing; this only occurs during torrential rainfalls, which you would be quite familiar recently in Adelaide, especially the last couple of days, although it was nice to have those sunny spells.

Your new home will be standing firm, in the same position, for years to come, that's why Integrity New Homes Adelaide South. Remember to check out all our social media to stay up to date, with building updates, behind the scenes content and tips you can use when building your new home. We have Facebook, Instagram and a YouTube channel. You can share this post with your friends and family, Scroll the top and stay tuned!

-By Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.