"But they can do it cheaper! - Yes they can because in the building industry there are two types of building companies:

1) Volume Builders

2) Custom Builders



Volume Builders are large construction companies that take on and perform large amounts of builds per year. Sometimes hundreds of homes, sometimes thousands of projects every year. Volume builders are often cheaper simply due to the amount of builds they do per year. This allows them to drop their margins on each build and buy material in large quantities. They also have a fixed range of designs and do allow for small alterations, however these tend to be somewhat limited and often incur exorbitant additional costs. It's also important to be very clear in what is and what is not included in your quote, as there could be items that you completely miss or features that you thought were included but aren't and these become large variations at the end or during your build. Not to mention, that due to the number of builds they do per year, you could have 140 houses before they even reach building yours, so be aware that timeframes could take longer.



This is the category we fall under,  we take on a smaller number of projects per year and provide a very customer based, tailored service. The clients receive a more personalized approach, clear and transparent communication and build a home specific and unique to you. We provide house designs which can then be altered and customised to your liking and no to mention, can customize a house from scratch. 

Our attention to detail in designing your home can often come at a higher price when compared to the mass-produced homes built by a Volume Builder. While this point can be off-putting, it is important to remember that cheaper isn’t always better, and as the old saying goes; “you get what you pay for”. We pride ourselves on our quality finishes and superior craftsmanship and believe its "Quality over quantity". Building your new home is a huge investment, so why wouldn’t you want to invest that money into high quality materials and superior finishes?

There are lots of Toowoomba builders but in choosing us, we will give you the most flexibility when it comes to making decisions about the design of your home. We delve deep into the size, shape and elevation of your block and work with you to create a design that works for the site, capitalizing on views, solar orientation and personal taste.


So before you ask or say "But they can do it cheaper" or "I've found cheaper house and land packages", think about whether or not this is a "Volume Builder" and bare in mind this information we have provided you in order to have a clear understanding as to WHY they are cheaper and WHY cheaper doesn't always mean better.


Choose wisely and if you want help in building a quality home, then choose a quality Toowoomba Builder and contact us today!