Episode 1

What is the difference between a Fixed Price contract and a Cost Plus contract?

Episode 2

What is the difference with PS (provisional sum) amounts and PC (prime cost) amounts?

Episode 3

What sort of questions do clients ask when looking for a block of land?


Episode 4

What is the difference between designers, draftsman and architects?


Episode 5

Why do builders use a lot of abbreviated terms in the approval process?


Episode 6

How do you explain the variation process?


Episode 7

What is included in a preliminary agreement?

Episode 8

What sort of items are in the extension of time?


Episode 9

What documents are needed prior to getting a contract going?


Episode 10

What are hidden site costs and how can they effect your build?


Episode 11

What are the main parts of your contract?


Episode 12

With a fixed price contract what kind of progress payments are in place?

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