Every single day, clients reach out to Integrity New Homes Cairns with inquiries about building design. This interaction fills us with delight because we take great pride in showcasing stunning building designs. Our national magazine features an array of these designs, and we consistently unveil a new standard design every month. However, what truly excites us is the opportunity to cater to our client's distinct requirements.

These unique specifications play a pivotal role in the development of our exceptional custom homes, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of the broader market. Our team of dedicated building designers works tirelessly alongside our builders to ensure we can deliver remarkable results for our clients. We find immense joy in crafting one-of-a-kind custom designs tailored specifically to their preferences.

Occasionally, we encounter a minor challenge when clients present us with plans from other builders, as there may be misconceptions regarding copyright issues if we make small adjustments to those plans. At Integrity New Homes, we hold our intellectual property and copyright in high regard, demonstrating equal respect for the copyright of other builders and designers. Thus, I want to emphasize that when clients provide us with existing designs, we acknowledge their appeal but propose designing something entirely unique to fulfil their requirements.

Our clients often express their thoughts and visions through sketches, outlining their desired lifestyle within their future home. Subsequently, we develop an exclusive design that aligns with their vision. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize that Integrity New Homes places a significant emphasis on custom design. In fact, approximately 90% of our business revolves around creating distinctive custom designs, a fact we take great pride in.