Interior colour schemes play a critical role in the liveability and market value of a home.
As a general rule lighter colours add to the sense of openness in a home while darker colours tend to draw the “walls in” and make rooms feel smaller, darker colours also show fading over time more noticeably than a light palette.

Further, some colours may be a personal favourite but turn off buyers when looking to sell a home.
It is best to use art works and floor coverings to make interior decorating statements and introduce bold colours, as these items can easily be replaced as opposed to requiring a repaint. Although repainting a room or rooms in a home can be a simple and low cost way to refresh a home.

Integrity New Homes Tweed and Gold Coasts has an extensive library of internal (and external) photographs of displays and homes built for clients all over Australia.
These photographs are often shown to clients to assist them during the colour selection process – as it can help to see how specific colour schemes work particularly in concert with kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

A subtle and appealing colour scheme will add significant value to a new home and a more conservative approach to paint choices will pay off at resale time.
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