1. When beginning the Process, consider the outcome. Perhaps there are several items that are important for you to include in this home that perhaps budget constraints would not permit in previous builds!  By writing a list of items important for you to achieve, you will at least be able to try to accommodate all of them and by the end of the build you will know you have achieved as much as possible within your limits.

2. Quality and simplicity are long term winners over Trendy.  When considering the upgrades and inclusions for your new home, it is important to put your stamp on it and personalize it as much as possible.  However there are certain components that will stand the test of time.  For example, simple lines are far less likely to show the age of a dwelling than trendy features and quirky colours!  A bit like a Tattoo you adored when you first had it done...but after a time the novelty wears off!  

3. Consider your Future. Give thought to the life you live now and how that may change in the future!  Will to executive lifestyle you have now be relevant if family are on the horizon?  Will the Master bedroom upstairs and other bedrooms downstairs be suitable?  Do you have family visit regularly and will you need an area for them that can still provide privacy for yourself!

4. Understand your timeline. There is a definite process that... "Is what it is!" Really understand your timeline and if it is not clear what is next in line with your build, discuss it with your sales consultant or site manager!

5. When in Doubt...Ask!  At times things may appear to be rough or unfinished!  This is because they are just that! Unfinished!  Your site manager will more than likely have them documented for follow up and refinement but never take the opinion of well-meaning friends and family.  Always talk to your builder!  The only silly question is an unasked one! After all, you are paying a lot of money for your beautiful new home and you need to be assured it is everything you have contracted for!

6. Find your personal Anchor. With the joy of creating your stamp on the world in your new home, it can become somewhat overwhelming and while the feeling is actually the same as excitement it is hard to enjoy it if you’re feeling a little out of control!  By finding something such as an item that has the elements that you admire, it can become a great point of reference for you to refer back to in times of uncertainty like colour selections and choosing floor coverings etc,  it could be something as simple as a picture frame or a painting!  Personally I've used a jewellery box with timber and shell inset and Silver Trim.  Others have used large items such as the dining setting or lounge.  This way you will find you will have a nice flow and great continuity to the outcome!