Clients frequently reach out to Integrity New Homes Byron Bay to inquire about building design. We take great pleasure in showcasing our stunning building designs, as evident in our widely published magazine, featuring a fresh standard design each month. However, our primary focus lies in catering to the distinct requirements of our clients.

These unique specifications enable us to create exquisite custom homes. With a dedicated team of full-time building designers, we tirelessly assist our builders and their clients, emphasizing the significance of tailored custom designs.

Occasionally, there may be a slight challenge when clients present us with plans from other builders, as there can be misunderstandings or concerns regarding copyright issues.

At Integrity New Homes, we hold great esteem for our own intellectual property and copyright, extending the same level of respect to other builders and designers. It is important to note that when clients bring their designs to us, we kindly acknowledge their efforts but express our intention to craft something unique and tailored specifically to their needs.

Our clients often express their ideas through personal sketches, outlining their desired lifestyle within their prospective home. We then transform these concepts into a distinctive design suitable for their purposes. Therefore, please understand that Integrity New Homes places a strong emphasis on custom designs, which account for the majority of our business, and we take immense pride in this aspect.