We acknowledge that renovation projects can be overwhelming, and unlike constructing a new building, unforeseen challenges can emerge at any stage. Nevertheless, overcoming these obstacles is our forte, and we relish embarking on renovation journeys with our clients, ultimately delivering outstanding results.

Renovating a space can be an intimidating and stressful endeavour, but the satisfaction of seeing your vision come to life after putting in a lot of effort makes it all worthwhile! Our team enjoys the challenge of breaking down walls to create a more seamless flow, incorporating skylights to bring in natural light, uncovering stunning floorboards concealed beneath carpets, and renovating bathrooms to offer a touch of opulence. These are the elements that fuel our passion.

Renovating your house is an excellent way to improve or add more living space and can increase the market value of your home. 

At Integrity New Homes Toowoomba, we deliver renovation services including:

  • Plan & Design
  • House raising
  • Build ins/unders
  • Internal and External Renovations/extensions
  • Product selection - fixtures, fittings, appliances and colour selection


So whether your dressing up your dated kitchen/bathroom, extending for more living space or full interior refurbishment, we can offer you our extensive experience and knowledge and a wide range of practical and creative solutions. We are especially experienced in updating older, character style Toowoomba homes, whilst also respecting their original architectural, structural integrity.





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