Step 1 - Identify the block you would like to buy.

At Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast we offer a free site inspection after inspecting the block you have bought or are intending to buy. This process is really important in order to determine the best home design that will fit and "work" on the site. It also allows any issues about the block to be considered and addressed (i.e. slope, access). There are often costs that only become apparent once Integrity has inspected the site (i.e. trees that need to be removed or proximity to neighbouring dwellings or issues with access to services).

Step 2 - Purchase the land and get a Preliminary Estimate.

Once you have committed to purchasing the land INH Limestone Coast can provide you with a Preliminary Estimate to build a specific home on your chosen block (this estimate may or may not include landscaping, driveway, clothesline, letterbox, floor coverings and television antennae depending on your requirements). It is important the design is orientated to ensure energy efficiency and to maximise natural breezes and views.

Step 3 - Home Design Order Form.

Once you have purchased your land you can complete a Home Design Order Form and pay a Preliminary Services Fee with the help of your local Sales Consultant. The Preliminary Services Fee will be used to order a soil test and design a set of preliminary drawings. The soil test and contour survey remain your property once you have paid the full Preliminary Services Fee.

The Preliminary Services Fee is credited towards your initial deposit if you proceed with a building contract.

Step 4 - Finalise Home Design

Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast will finalise your home design (it may be a custom design or one of Integrity New Homes' many project homes) and a final price is then determined after the soil test are received. This price will then form the basis of the contract.

Step 5 - Contract Preparation

Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast will prepare the contract. A deposit is payable upon contract signing. Speak with your local INH representative for the procedure.

Step 6 - Building Approvals

Once DA approvals are provided to Integrity New Homes Limestone Coast, we will then work closely with you to do Selections. We will prepare and submit purchase orders for suppliers and trade contractors are finalised and scheduled.

Step 7 - Construction Commencement

Commencement on site will begin in accordance with the individual contracts and will occur once final written finance approval has been obtained along with proof of land title, land registration and site possession.


Step 8 - Construction Completion

Finally construction commences and is then completed with handover. It is now time to sit back and enjoy your home into the future!

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