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Traditionally new home buyers have only really had two options when deciding to build a new home - they could wonder off and talk to an architect who could design them a home. Once the design was finished they would then have to find a builder who could construct the home, hopefully for the ballpark price the architect quoted them. And many people who have been down this path will tell you the price the architect said the home would cost and what the builder's final contract price are usually "poles apart". These builders are invariably small niche operators without display homes, so you can't see first-hand the quality of their work.

The other alternative was to go with a project home builder who traditionally have display homes, great design ranges and pricing but will not let you make too many changes to the standard design. They will not build on steep blocks preferring to build on slabs on flat blocks. In fact there are a heap of things they will not do.

Integrity Custom Design combines all the advantages of dealing with an architect to get the personalised design you want with the value for money, price certainty and systemisation of a big project builder - and yes there are a "fleet" of display homes showing the quality of Integrity's finish and design on flat and steep blocks.

We will create one-off designs from your sketches and ideas then have our qualified home designers create plans.

You will receive:


Full surveyor's contour plan for your block
Written site inspection report
Concept drawings for the one-off design
3D movie flythrough
Design meetings with a building consultant, and
Written pricing report


The conditions which apply are:

The drafting fee applies to slab on ground design
An allowance of a maximum of three, one hour consultations with the sales consultant
Integrity New Homes Pty Ltd will have the final decision on style/design qualifying for a fixed price contract, and
Copyright for designs remains with Integrity IP Pty Ltd.



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