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Canberra Office
Canberra Office
1300 886 793
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm
We at Integrity New Homes are the perfect Home Builders for you! We can help you translate your dream home into reality. Our designs reflect the authentic Canberra lifestyle are known to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor environment into a perfect living space.

At Integrity New Homes, we specialise in affordable, liveable home building solutions. We do not believe in manufacturing an assembly line of project houses. Each Canberra home we build is in close collaboration with all our clients and based on their specific needs.

As your Home Builders, our focus lies on quality, affordability, aesthetics and functional design solutions. To ensure there is no confusion we will take you comprehensively through the design process from the initial sketch to completing a computer aided plan and then thorough explanation of our pricing structures.

As leading Home Builders, we will ensure that your home will give you a desired lifestyle as well as providing a sound investment and peace of mind.

We are committed to fulfilling your expectations and guarantee to contact you every two weeks during the entire building process.

Your New home will be unique in character, design and style and yet be very affordable. All the important parameters will be taken into account. Your vision, budget, site orientation etc will be resolved into a stylish, functional, practical and affordable home design.

So, if you dream of owning and living in a unique and stylish New home, contact us today and turn your ideas into reality!

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